Laser Tattoo Removal Information

Tattoo Removal Bristol

It is a fact that having a tattoo removal can be beneficial for your body. Tattoo removal experts recommend the following to increase circulation which helps your body process and flush out the ink from your system: Drink plenty of water because the average person needs about 2 litres a day. Exercise with an elevated […]

Inch Loss With Cryotherapy Fat Freezing

At Pro Clinics in Clifton, Bristol, we have been leading the way with fat freezing / inch loss for a number of years now, and have helped hundreds of happy customers improve the look of their bodies. So what is fat freezing? The technical name for it is Cryolipolysis. This is a non surgical and […]

Tattoo Removal Has Been Around for Many Years

Tattoo removal has been around for many years now, and there have been various different ways and method that people have tried to remove tattoos with. The modern way in which we view laser tattoo removal today, is vastly different from the way in which we used to view tattoo removal. indeed, it is fair […]

Information About Laser Toenail Fungal Treatment

If you are unlucky enough to suffer with toenail fungus, a course of laser treatments could well be the answer. Laser toenail fungal treatment could well be the answer to your prays!! There are various approved different types of laser devices designed for the treatment of toenail fungus or onychomycosis, which is a fungal nail […]

Laser Tattoo Removal Information

Laser tattoo removal costs far less than many people think! The rapid increase in laser manufacture has now had the knock on effect of reducing the once prohibitively expensive and unavoidable cost of laser tattoo removal into the reach of most people. Whilst before the process would have likely cost thousands of pounds, you can […]

Wart Removal | Skin Tag Removal | Tattoo Removal | Bristol

Pro Clinics (formerly British Laser Clinics) is an established specialist skin clinic, offering a range of treatments, including wart removal, verruca treatment, laser tattoo removal and verruca removal, whatever treatment you decide to have carried out you can expect the very best care and service.

How Modern Tattoo Removal Works

To the casual observer, laser tattoo removal may look far simpler than actually getting inked. However, it’s actually a very complex process and should not be relied on as a quick fix for a permanent problem! The ink used for tattoos is often made from heavy metals, including metals like copper, lead and anganese. There are […]


Cryotherpy Bristol

Our practinioner will treat skin lesions by freezing the tissue. Cryotherapy is the golden standard treatment for skin lesion treatment in medical practice, and we offer this treatment at our Bristol Clinic for skin tags, worts, verrucas, cherry angioma, milia, age spots and sun spots. The treatment involves using a device called a Cryopen. This targets a […]