Why Winter Time Is Perfect For Hair Removal

Winter is the time of the year when we all live in thick sweaters, big coats and baggy clothes trying to protect ourselves from freezing weather. We definitely don’t tend to think about hair removal as much, but why winter is the most important time of the year for those who want to enjoy smooth skin in the summer?

First of all, you would need 4-6 sessions which are spaced out within the period of four weeks to achieve the best results. Which means if you start your treatments in winter, you would be able to enjoy your perfectly smooth skin when warmer days come.

Also, it is very important that when having laser hair removal, your skin is not tanned, i.e. it is your natural tone or as close to it as it can possibly be. It is so the laser can target hair as clearly as possible. Hence, you would need to not have been in the sun for at least two weeks and can only have a first session when your tan has faded. Which means autumn – winter time!

Now why you should have laser hair removal in the first place? Well, according to research, men spend 45 days of their life shaving beard only. While women – 72 days shaving legs only! And £23,000 to wax the unwanted hair over their lifetime! Instead of spending this much time and money, they could simply have six sessions of laser hair removal treatment and enjoy smooth skin permanently! This means no painful waxing or irritated skin anymore.

If you are still wondering whether you should get the treatment, imagine yourself in the summer when you don’t have to worry about the need to shave, or to have to wear trousers instead of shorts just because you didn’t have time to shave! Imagine being ready to go whatever the time or circumstances are and being able to enjoy your smooth skin.

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