Inch Loss With Cryotherapy Fat Freezing

At Pro Clinics in Clifton, Bristol, we have been leading the way with fat freezing / inch loss for a number of years now, and have helped hundreds of happy customers improve the look of their bodies. So what is fat freezing? The technical name for it is Cryolipolysis. This is a non surgical and safe method of destroying and removing unwanted fat from the body. Many people are turning to cryotherapy as it is such a safe and effective method of removing unwanted fat.

There are a number of risks associated with the more invasive methods that are available such as liposuction, but fat freeing or body sculpting or cryolipolysis presents an exciting and effective break through method for nonsurgical body sculpting. Many people are are interested in fat freezing as it provides such a fast and effective way of removing unwanted body fat, especially when used in conjunction with a healthily life style and balanced diet.

Cryolipolysis is really is a highly effective method for nonsurgical fat reduction / inch loss, and body contouring and offers a truly compelling alternative to liposuction as well as other, fr more invasive methods. This procedure has been proved to be very safe with a limited side effect profile, and results in significant fat reduction.

So what happens when I book a session of fat freezing / cryotherapy / inch loss at Pro Clinics? Well the first thing is you will be be in safe hands! Our therapists have years of experience when it comes to cryolipolysis! We know and understand that you may be scared or nervous of the unknown, so we will take the time to sit you down and answer any questions that you may have prior to the treatment. We will also discuss the various areas of the body that can be treated, and what to expect and the predicted results, although these can vary from person to person.

Body contouring or fat freezing / inch loss remains among the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States, and it is only growing in popularity here in the UK, with more and more people turning to the power to cryotherapy to help them remove their unwanted body fat.

Liposuction is still very popular in the United States, but this procudure is fare more invasive and poses a significant risk to the patient, so for this reason more and more people are trying to look to other methods of fat reduction instead, There have even been several deaths associated with liposuction, where as cryolipolysis is far safer and does not carry any such risk.

There are numerous ways to freeze fat, and there are a lot of different techniques that practitioners use. The method that we use at Pro Clinics is to freeze the fat using a had held device that is attached to a large canister that is filled with CO2. The freezing cold co2 is then sprayed onto the skin at a very high pressure. This has the effect of freezing the fat cells and destroying them. They are then broken down further by massage. The broken down fat cells are then massaged towards the lymphatic glans where the body gets rid of this waste in a natural way.

Although liposuction is an effective method of ridding the body of unwanted fat, it remains an invasive procedure and carries the inherent risks associated with cosmetic surgery. In recent years luckily things have quickly developed, and now new methods have been developed to address body sculpting from a far less-invasive perspective. As previously mentioned, there are a multitude of different machines on the market, and Devices using high-frequency ultrasound, radiofrequency energy, and laser light also have the potential to improve efficiency, minimize adverse consequences, and shorten the recovery time.

Cryolipolysis is groundbreaking and is one of the most recent forms of noninvasive fat reduction to come onto the market in recent years. The development that lies behind cryolipolysis comes from the clinical trials of cold-induced panniculitis.

Many people are skeptical that the procedure will work when they initially come in for a session, although after viewing the counless before and after pictures that we have available in the clinic, they are soon convinced that cryotherapy really is a viable method of eliminating their unwanted fat.

We have seen numerous clients that are delighted with the outcome that they have achieved using cryotherapy fat freezing, inch loss, and it often the kick start they they need to help them achieve a slimmer looking and more toned body. Obviously cryolipolysis or cool sculpting is not the be all and end all, but it certainly gives a great starting point and encourages people to exercise more and to be far more mindful of their diet and life style.

Initial clinical studies have served to point out the efficacy of cryolipolysis for subcutaneous fat layer reduction and removal. However, the exact way in which cryolipolysis works on the body is not yet completely understood. In addition, the techniques used for the cryolipolysis treatment are not uniformly applied as some clinicians vary in the way in which they carry out the treatment. Studies have suggested that the addition of thorough manual massage can enhance the effectiveness of a single cryolipolysis / fat freezing, treatment, and also that multiple treatments will often lead to further improvements of the clients body shape.

So whatever the reason you may have for wanting to improve your body, why not give in to technology and try fat freezing as it really is the ultimate way to quickly and effectively rid yourself of unwanted body fat and sculpt your body into the shape that you have always wanted.

We are seeing a lot of clients that are coming to us prior to the Christmas party season, as they are desperate to look their best before the big party. It is often possible that someone can lose two inches around their waist in just one half hour session, meaning that their favorite dress should fit perfectly!