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Cryotherapy Body Sculpting

This advanced treatment uses localised Cryotherapy Body Sculpting technology to remove the stubborn fat that diet and exercise have been unable to shift.

  • 1-5 inch loss on first session!
  • Non-invasive process
  • Safer and quicker alternative to liposuction
  • No anesthesia
  • No surgery
  • Quick & painless
  • Just £50 per area, per session

cryotherapy body sculpting Bristol

It works by using controlled cooling to target and destroy fat cells, while normal body tissue remains unaffected. Once the fat cells are frozen and destroyed, the therapist will massage them, towards the lymphatic glands, and the body naturally removes them through its normal elimination process. Expect to see instant results after your first session, with clients often experiencing inch loss anywhere from one to six inches in fifteen to thirty minutes!

A healthy diet and exercise as well as drinking lots of water will certainly help, but this is a great way to kick start your new regime!

We will measure the target area both before and after treatment, and there should be a reduction in the circumference!

inch loss Bristol

Inch loss Bristol

cryogenic lipolysis Bristol

*Results may vary from person to person.

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