Laser Skin Rejuvenation faq

What can I expect from carbon laser skin rejuvenation treatment?

Following your treatment, you can expect to see a reduction in pore size, a more even skin tone, improved skin radiance, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer, younger looking skin.

Does carbon laser skin rejuvenation treatment hurt?

The treatment is pain-free. The process of breaking down the carbon powder with the laser does create a small amount of heat, but this is not at all uncomfortable.

How many carbon laser skin rejuvenation sessions will I require?

We usually advise clients that 6 sessions will be required in order to obtain the optimum results, although you can expect to see some results after your first session.

How long should I wait between carbon laser skin rejuvenation sessions?

The usual time to wait between treatments is around 2 weeks.

How long does each laser skin rejuvenation session last for?

The treatment itself can be completed in only a few short minutes, however around 20 minutes of skin preparation is required for best results, so allow around 45 minutes for your first session.