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Warts usually have a “cauliflower” like appearance, and commonly appear on the hands. Verrucas sometimes called plantar warts or spelled verrucae – are warts that develop on the soles of the feet. Cryotherapy is great at treating stubborn warts and verrucas, even if other methods have failed.

They can turn dark and flake away after treatment. Depending on the size and the depth, sometimes a second treatment is required if they’re still apparent after 4 weeks.

We may ask you to exfoliate any dry or hard skin from the wart/verruca before your appointment

wart removal Bristol

Wart treatment Bristol

Cryotherapy How it works

What happens during a treatment?

The super fine applicator is held closely to the skin imperfection and liquid nitrogen sprayed onto the distorted, unhealthy tissue only. This is usually from 1-30 seconds, depending on the size and depth. The legion is then allowed to thaw and return to its natural colour. The process may be repeated in the same session if required.

Are there any side effects?

Cryotherapy is non-invasive and relatively low risk.

  • There are a few side effects that may occur as a result of treatment, including:
  • Temporary pigmentary changes (hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation) in the treatment site. If this happens skin colour normally returns after a few months.
  • Temporary loss of sensation (particularly in areas where nerves lie close to the surface of the skin, on fingers, wrist, area behind the ear) Reports show that normal sensitivity returns after a few months.
  • Blister in the treatment area – this will be reabsorbed by the skin.
  • Side effects are very rare, but please discuss any concerns you have with your clinician.

Cryotherapy Frequently asked questions

How long do Cryotherapy treatments take?

Application time is 1 to 30 seconds, usually with one or two passes per treatment – depending on your individual assessment. Application for small lesions like skin tags & milia is just a few seconds. We usually book a 30 minute appointment session, which give us time to do a full consultation before your treatment.

How much will the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment will depend on the type of imperfection and the size of the area. Individual costs can be discussed over the phone or at a face to face consultation. You may require more than one session depending on your response to the treatment – should this be required, we offer this at a discounted rate.


How safe is cryotherapy with Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a low-risk procedure. Cryotherapy rapidly cools the targeted area and and not the healthy surrounding tissue.

Does it hurt?

It is virtually painless. The accuracy of Cryotherapy means that healthy skin around the site of the lesion is less likely to be effected, and therefore it is not painful. Treatment is generally very well tolerated, even with those with a low pain threshold. The sensation is similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area, but this vanishes quickly. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment.

The area will be slightly itchy for about ten minutes. Occasionally a blister might form and persist for a few hours.

What is the after care?

After care is minimal as there is no wound or raw area. However, a small blister is not uncommon in the first 24 hours, this is reabsorbed by the skin quickly. The lesion will dry up, assume a darker colour and slough off in 1 to 2 weeks. It is very important not to pick at the area as this will increase healing time.

What is the expected healing process?

Healing occurs from 1-6 weeks depending on depth of and size of lesion. Lesions usually assume a darker colour (this is the dead cells), as the skin regenerates underneath it will slough or flake away.

Will it leave a scar?

Generally no. Cryotherapy preserves the tissue matrix which is relatively cold resistant, and therefore allows for proper cosmetic healing with minimal scarring. This will of course depend on your skin type, and how well you follow the aftercare advice.Hypo-pigmentation in the area (a small pink patch of skin, where new skin has formed, that is lighter in colour) may be visible for 2-6 months. This color loss may take longer to return in darker pigmented skin.

Hypo-pigmentation in the area (a small pink patch of skin, where new skin has formed, that is lighter in colour) may be visible for 2-6 months. This color loss may take longer to return in darker pigmented skin.

What if I have darker skin?

Repeated short freezing cycles recommended if you have a darker skin type. This just means that you may need two sessions spaced a few weeks apart to remove your lesion rather than just one.

Can children be treated?

Yes, because of the reduced discomfort, we are often able to treat younger patients without distress. You will be asked to fill in a parental consent form before your child’s treatment.

Who isn’t the treatment suitable for?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with auto-immune disorders or cold sensitivity are not suitable for treatment. It is not suitable for those that suffer from keloid scarring.

The different kinds of wart treatments

Warts on the surface of the body and especially on the face are really unsightly and ugly. If we have warts we absolutely want to remove them. However wart removal is not easy and it needs a specialized treatment and they not should be removed at home because this is a very delicate process.

Warts are considered a kind of tumors that appears in the surface of the skin caused by viruses a type human papillomavirus (HPV warts) can be viral that is passed through a skin-to-skin infection. This is why wart removal is needed. Even though the type of warts are actually typical to appear on person’s skin, most of the people who get or develop warts may want to undergo a procedure of wart removal in Bristol to get the warts eliminated.

There are people who attempt wart removal in a traditional, do-it-yourself way but this is not really a good idea. Wart removal attempted through DIY should not be done, and it is highly recommended to research wart removal in Bristol as your best choice of wart treatment and removal. Visiting a specialist will help you to remove your warts clinically and safety. You  might also try one of many over-the-counter wart removal solutions which are available in Bristol. With this type of wart removal, it is less of a worry since it is a good, safe method of removing warts.

Some people used to get rid of warts using their own traditional way instead of going to a specialist wart clinic. Pro Clinics in Bristol is the ideal clinic that can help with wart removal, which anyone should go to for wart removal procedure. Possibly, one the most significant things to be mindful of are the related dangers when wanting to have a wart removed; a lot of risks such as infection and pains, therefore, it is imperative that you select a really good and safe wart removal specialist in a legitimate clinic.

When warts starts to appear on the skin it can be contagious and can be multiplied many times depending on the development. Also, it can pass onto another person easily so it is much better to seek the help of wart treatment at the soonest opportunity before more warts begin to appear. You might have to wait for days, weeks or even months before your wart vanishes, or buy treatment solutions for wart treatment, but even then there is no assurance that it will disappear; and chances are warts will just grow even bigger in size. Unfortunately this happens most frequently.

There are different warts that can develop on different parts of the skin and these warts mostly derive their names from the parts of the skin on which they are located. There are warts which appear on the face, plantar warts which appear on the soles of the feet, filiform warts which appear around the mouth or nose and sometimes, on the neck or under the chin, palmer warts which appear on the hand also warts which appear on the genitals. Finding the right wart treatment is not that hard because Pro Clinics in Bristol offer wart treatment.

We use a device called a cryopen to freeze warts. At Pro Clinics, Bristol, wart removal helps patients  get rid of unpleasant warts especially on the face. Facial warts are different from the warts you get on your hands or feet and they are very nasty and patients often lose confidence with themselves because of this. These types of warts are commonly called flat warts. They can show up anywhere on your face, and they have a flat smooth appearance. Flat warts are usually a pinkish color or skin color. Unfortunately, you don’t just get one or two facial warts; these warts will appear in clusters. They can spread very easily. Facial warts are very annoying and having wart removal carried out should be done in a very careful way.

You can visit our specialist clinic in Bristol for wart removal. We are experts and have a thorough knowledge and expertise in getting rid of facial warts. At our Bristol clinic, wart removal is done by freezing them. However laser treatment I also available to remove warts and is the best process to eliminate the facial warts, but of course it can be quite expensive as this type of wart removal treatment uses a calibrated laser to safely remove facial warts and also helps to heal scars.

Wart removal home treatments can also be done but only for small warts; although, this kind of treatment requires a recommendation from a doctor. Do this simple treatment after a hot shower or you may want to soak your face with a warm moist cloth to soften the warts, apply a dab of apple cider vinegar or dab a little tea tree oil to the warts. This home remedy facial wart removal treatment is safe and inexpensive. But if the warts are really prevalent and they are already affecting your overall appearance then it is time to get a treatment at our Bristol clinic!

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